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    CKZ Time Clock Online
    CKZ Time Clock Online
    Comprehensive Web-Based Time Tracking and Personnel Scheduling Solution.
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    CKZ TIme Clock Desktop Edition
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    Complete Desktop Based Time Clock Software.

Effortlessly manage your employees with the top provider of Time Clock Software. Compare our range of options, including free desktop software and online time clock solutions.

CKZ Time Clock Software is
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CKZ Time Clock Features

Employee Tracking

Track and manage your employees

Our versatile time clock system, available both as a web-based and local desktop option, is designed to work with all your devices, giving you the flexibility to monitor and control your employee's attendance from any location, be it your office computer or mobile phone.

Employee Management

Employee management

Our time clock solutions are designed to meet the needs of organizations of any size, from small businesses with 1 employee to large enterprises with 1000 employees, ensuring that their specific requirements are supported.

Employee Scheduling

Employee scheduling

Our Online Time Clock Edition enables you to manage and view your employees' schedules, ensuring that you are aware of their in-office and out-of-office hours.

Time Clock Management

Time clock management

Time management is the foundation of both our local and online time clock solutions. Your employees have the ability to clock out from designated or any location, providing you with control over their time tracking.

Toll Free Custmer Support

Customer Support

The success of software relies heavily on the company behind it. Recognizing that managing software is not your main focus, we are dedicated to providing support. Our assistance comes in the form of email and toll-free phone support.

Task Management

Task management

Our time clock solutions go beyond just tracking attendance, you can also monitor your employees' time against specific projects and tasks.

CKZ Time Clock Desktop Edition

CKZ time clock software desktop edition is installed locally within your network that employees use to clock in and out without internet access. CKZ Time Clock desktop edition is ideal for businesses with a centralized workforce who are working in a single location.


More secure as data is stored locally on your computer or server
Offers offline capability, so employees can still clock in and out even if there's no internet connection
Compatible with older devices and operating systems
Ideal for businesses with a centralized workforce


Software installation required
Limited to local computers and network
No mobile access for remote employees

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CKZ Time Clock Online Edition

CKZ Time Clock Online, also known as our cloud-based time clock software, is a web-based time clock solution that can be accessed from any device with an internet connection. This version of our software is ideal for businesses with remote or mobile employees who need to clock in and out from different locations or those looking for quick and easy setup.


Accessible from any device (phone, tablet, computer) with an internet connection
No software installation required
Easy to set up and use
Automatically syncs data to the cloud, eliminating manual data entry and reducing errors
Offers real-time reporting and tracking worldwide
Ideal for businesses with remote or mobile employees


Requires a stable internet connection

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Both our online and desktop time clock software solutions have distinct pros and cons.

Before selecting the appropriate solution for your company, consider your business needs and requirements. We offer a solution for your timekeeping needs, whether it be the ease of online access or the storage of local data.